Monday, September 7, 2009

Making a change...

Since I've been old enough to care about my appearance, I've never been happy with my weight. I've tried every type of diet there is. Some have been pretty successful and some not so much. The "diets" that worked where great, but I never could stick with them. I did weight watchers and lost 12 pounds within a month and then I met my now husband. Once I met Aaron when I was 19, I got really comfortable with myself because he liked me for me and liked my appearance as well. So, I kind let go of dieting and getting into shape. Don't get me wrong he makes me incredibly happy, but I have really let myself go.

So, I've decided that tracking myself and results will be of support. I know I can make a change for myself and it will be not only a great decision for my health, but for me personally. I am going to track my eating habits, and what I do to excersize.

I really want to make a change this time. I figure the picture above is the best full body picture I have. I am going to use it as motivation to capture progress I have made.